Friday, 22 December 2017

Snow in Palmers Green.

Maybe once a year we get a decent snow fall in North London. And this year it fell on a Sunday morning, so out I went with my camera, knowing I had a Sunday lunch date to curtail my photographic session.

I headed for my local park. The kids were out trying to ride sleighs.

 Even the ponds were largely frozen over.

No, that isn't a selfie.

And ok, this hardly matches a David Attenborough natural history series, but I was quite please with these shots of the somewhat limited range of wildlife in a North London Park.


Then off to Islington to have lunch with a mate of mine who is a bout to emigrate to Vancouver. Obviously with weather like this who needs Canada? Anyway, we had lunch at the Drapers Arms in Islington. Now this is a proper gastropub, ie not just somewhere that does ridiculously over-priced burgers which are "gastro" because they can name the cattle they were minced out of.

The Drapers Arms

Alan (left) about to heat to Canada and Gareth (right), definitely staying in the capital (thankfully)