Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Amsterdam Royal Palace, Niewue Kerk & Archaeological Museum.

Getting towards the end of my stay, so starting to mop up the bigger attractions that I hadn't visited. Dam Square is essentially the centre of Amsterdam and dominating one side is the Royal Palace with the adjacent New Cathedral. Both were built to impress.

The Royal Palace for once didn't start out as such. It started out as the City Hall, but became Royal Palace when Napoleon came to power, albeit briefly, but having been converted it stayed that way.

You get a very good audio tour which allows one to understand the history as well as appreciate the artworks on show

The main entrance hall, well Hall, upstairs is the most impressive part. Could have done without the
posters/banners advertising the portraits exhibition. rather detracted from the grandeur of the space.

The Palace has a very fine collection of Empire style furnishings. If you like that sort of thing.

Next door is the New Church - cavernous and rather over-provided with information points.

A small part of the original murals, whitewashed over in the reformation.

Ever so elaborately carved pulpit....

The posh pews for the serious VIPs

I like Archaeological Museums so was looking forward to seeing Amsterdam's even if not one the world's greatest. Very disappointing as the upper galleries were being renovated, leaving only the downstairs Egyptian collection and a few special exhibitions on display. Best parts were the plaster casts of originals to be found elsewhere in Europe.